The Write Place

The Write Place

Mission Statement

To maintain a fundamental philosophy of collaboration and inclusion.  Within this core philosophy, to offer individualized help and encourage independence in all writers who use the center, respecting the writers’ authority and ownership of their own written work. 

To offer its graduate and undergraduate student staff a venue for professional development, primarily supporting their individualized development as effective peer consultants. 

To respond to SCSU community writing needs in a timely, creative, and ethical manner to promote excellence in scholarship on all levels. 


About Us

What we do

We serve many campus constituencies.

Students work with our consultants on interpreting assignments, brainstorming, planning and organizing research, getting started, developing ideas, organization and logical progression, revising, and editing. Our work supplements and supports classroom instruction.

Faculty may consult with the director of the Write Place on developing writing assignments, responding to student writing, and assessment as well as on their own writing projects. Faculty also may arrange for in-class presentations about the Write Place and for writing workshops for their students.

And, staff may use the services of the Write Place either for the development of university writing projects such as brochures, newsletters or other publications or for personal writing projects such as creative work, cover letters and scholarships.

We also consult with and support students, faculty and staff who see themselves as writers and are striving for excellence.

Who we are

Our graduate writing consultants come from a variety of experiences and study in the fields of rhetoric, composition, creative writing, linguistics, ESL, and literature.

Our undergraduate consultants represent many fields including English, biology, philosophy, mathematics, education, finance, business management and theatre.

Our program philosophy and structure also allow us to offer our student staff a venue for professional development and support in their development as effective peer consultants or future teachers. 

Online tutoring available

Our core principles

  • We respect the intellectual and experiential knowledge that students bring to the writing consultation and support their writing progress and academic success.
  • We believe that multiple literacies exist and must must be recognized in our tutoring and in the variety of programs that we sponsor (writers' groups, conversation circles for English Language Learners and workshops).
  • We believe that all of us best learn to write effectively in a collaborative and supportive environment that is committed to individual growth and individual authorship.