Women's Center

Sexual Assault Reports

The Sexual Assault Profiles were started in 1991 shortly after the Women’s Center opened at St. Cloud State University.  The original intent of the reports was to provide honest reporting about sexual assault, alert the campus community about what is occurring, and to have a method to allow us to track possible trends.  The reports have been part of a larger plan to create a safer campus by bringing attention and awareness of the frequency of this crime. The report can act as a deterrent to potential perpetrators and as a reminder to other students to work towards reducing one’s risk to sexual assault.

 Shortly after this profile was developed on our campus, the federal law, referred to as the Student’s Right to Know Act (now called the Clery Act) was passed. Organizations and individuals lobbied for this law because many campuses were shown to be ignoring campus crime or actively working to keep that information from the public.  Our legislators said this was unacceptable and campuses would be safer if they engaged in honest reporting.  The more recent Campus SaVE Act, passed in 2013 as part of the Violence Against Women Act, and the report from the White House Task Force in 2014, encourages more transparency from campuses across the nation.  We continue to provide these profiles as a good faith effort to comply with these guidelines. 

Be aware that these reports only reflect sexual assaults that have been reported to the Women’s Center directly by victims or by other on and off campus departments and services. The profile includes sexual assaults that occur both on and off campus.   National statistics show that only 5% of sexual assault victim/survivors report the assault to campus officials; consequently, we know that these profile reports are only a reflection of actual occurrences and do not reflect the total number of assaults occurring to our students.