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Protecting Yourself Online

Safety Alert: An abuser can monitor the use of your computer and the internet. Consider using a computer in a public library or on campus.

Protecting Yourself

Technology has provided abusers, harassers, and stalkers with a whole new set of tools.  Stalkers and abusers are using these technologies, including caller ID, faxes, surveillance devices such as GPS, and keystroke logging on computers.  For an overview of what these various technologies are, how abusers use them and how to protect yourself, consider the following resources:                                       

A High-Tech Twist on Abuse: Technology, Intimate Partner Stalking, and Advocacy

Technology Safety and Privacy: A Toolkit for Survivors

Privacy and Safety on Facebook: A Guide for Survivors

If you are being harassed or stalked, contact the Women’s Center’s Gender Violence Prevention Program to talk to an advocate and discuss your options, which can include developing a safety plan, obtaining a restraining order, and/or reporting violations. Call 320-308-4958.

What if someone is using their HuskyNet e-mail to harass or stalk?

SCSU policies and how to report technology abuse.

Do Not Take Cyberstalking Lightly! It is a Serious Issue!

In fact, the Violence Against Women Act, passed in 2000, made cyberstalking a part of the federal interstate stalking statute.1

Cyberstalkers target their victims through:

  • Chat rooms
  • Message boards
  • Discussion forums
  • E-mail

If you have questions about cyberstalking, or are wondering whether you are a victim, please look at the following websites for more information:

1. Cyberstalking. 2003. The National Center for Victims of Crime. 12 June 2009, http://www.ncvc.org/ncvc/main.aspx?dbName=DocumentViewer&DocumentID=32458.