Women's Center

Harassment and Stalking

Harassment is repeated incidents of disturbing or unwanted contact, words, and/or gestures that have a harmful effect or are intended to have a negative effect on the safety, security and/or privacy of another person.  This could be in the form of repeated phone calls, messages, comments about a person or the way they look, unwanted physical contact, jokes, etc.

Stalking is conduct directed at a specific person that is unwanted, unwelcome, or unreciprocated and that would cause a reasonable person to fear for her or his safety or the safety of others or to suffer substantial emotional distress.  The majority of stalking victim/survivors are ordinary people.  Most stalkers are not strangers, but are people the victim/survivor knows.  Stalking is a serious crime that causes victims/survivors to suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and severe depression. 

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