Women's Center


"Sexual violence is more than just a crime against individuals. It threatens our families, it threatens our communities; ultimately, it threatens the entire country. It tears apart the fabric of our communities. And that’s why we’re here today -- because we have the power to do something about it as a government, as a nation. We have the capacity to stop sexual assault, support those who have survived it, and bring perpetrators to justice."

President Barack Obama, January 22, 2014

The Gender Violence Prevention Program was founded by the need to address gender violence on campus in two important ways: first, by providing services for survivors and their friends, partners and family;  and second, by providing education and practical skills for all to resist gender violence and acknowledging our power to make important changes, personally and systemically.

In these sections you will find resources that address the issues of gender violence (including stalking, sexual harassment, relationship violence and sexual assault). The following pages include information regarding St. Cloud State University’s policies and programs to combat gender violence, resources for survivors and the people who support them, as well as resources for professionals who work with survivors.

Report an instance of sexual assault, relationship violence or stalking.

For more information about national efforts to respond to the problem of gender violence on college campuses, see the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

St. Cloud State University is a proud partner of the It's On Us campaign; visit the campaign's website to take the pledge to help keep our campus community safe from sexual assault.