Women's Center

Victim of sexual assault?

Go to a safe place and if you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Do not shower, bathe, douche, wash your hands, brush your teeth, or use the toilet.

Don’t change or destroy clothing.
If it occurred in your home, apt, or residence hall room don’t move anything.
As hard as it may be not to clean up, you may destroy important evidence if you do.

Get medical attention as soon as possible for possible injuries, and for evidence collection

Most hospital emergency rooms conduct sexual assault evidence exams within 72 hours after the assault.  You will not be charged for the cost of the evidence exam. You do not need to formally report the incident to obtain medical attention or receive support services.

Locally go to the St. Cloud Emergency Trauma Center
Provides emergency medical services, sexual assault evidence exams, STD treatment and Emergency Contraception. You will not be charged for the evidence exam.
1404 6th Ave. N.
St. Cloud, MN

SCSU Student Health Services
Does not provide evidence collection kits but will document injuries, provide needed medical treatment, test and treat STD’s, pregnancy tests and emergency contraception.

Sexual Assault Survivor Guide

View the Survivor Resource Guide for more information about finding and accessing support, understanding your rights, knowing your options, and sorting through your emotions.

Contact someone who can provide confidential support and who can discuss all of your options.

24 Hour Hotlines

National RAIIN Hotline

Call the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center
Operates a 24 hour crisis line, offers confidential counseling and advocacy,  support   groups for survivors and concerned persons. 


Call the SCSU Women’s Center’s Gender Violence Prevention Program
(8:00 am – 4:30 pm)

Provides support counseling, advocacy, referrals, safety planning, assistance with protection orders, referrals, support groups, and assistance with filing student conduct violations and assist with academic support.

Consider reporting to law enforcement

We highly recommend you have an advocate with you when you report.
If the assault occurred in the city of St. Cloud, contact:

St. Cloud Police Department 
807 Courthouse Square
St. Cloud, MN 56303
For Emergencies 911 or 320.251.1200

Consider filing a complaint on campus if the offender is another student

For confidential assistance with reporting on campus, contact the Gender Violence Prevention Program at 320.308.3995.

If the abuser is a SCSU student or employee, you can file a Title IX complaint with the Equity and Affirmative Action Office on campus at 320.308.5123 to start a campus investigation. An advocate from the Women’s Center can assist you with this process.

Office for Institutional Equity & Access

Other Campus Resources

Counseling and Psychological Services
Stewart Hall 103
Free and confidential counseling to help undergraduate and graduate students address the personal, mental health, and academic issues that arise in their lives.

Public Safety
Available 24 hours a day, can document on-campus safety and security concerns, provide on-campus escort services, assist in making a report to law enforcement.  Public safety is not a confidential resource.