Women's Center

Victim of Dating Violence or Domestic Violence?

Safety Alert: The abuser may be monitoring your computer use.  Consider using a safer computer such as one in a public library or come into the SCSU Women’s Center to get information on avoiding cyberstalking.

Remember: You cannot change a violent partner’s behavior, but you can take steps to try and remain safe.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

CALL AN ADVOCATE who can provide support and discuss your options.

Anna Marie’s Alliance 24-hour crisis hotline at 320.253.6900 or TTY 320.258.3221
Provides services and safe housing for victims of relationship violence.

Women’s Center’s  Gender Violence Prevention Program during regular business hours, 320.308.3995 or 320.308.4958
Provides support counseling, advocacy, referrals, safety planning, assistance with protection orders, referrals, support groups, and assistance with filing a student conduct violation.

Seek Medical Care and Document Injuries

SCSU Student Health Services
Medical evaluation, treatment for injuries, document and photograph injuries.

Develop a personalized safety plan

Have a set of clothes and sets of important documents (savings account records, check books, safety deposit keys, birth certificates, school records, deeds, other legal documents) for yourself (and children) stored at a friend's house at work or a locker at school in the event you need to flee quickly.

During violent situations
Think of a relatively safe place in your home to go if an argument occurs.  Avoid rooms with no exits (bathrooms) or rooms with weapons (kitchens). Do not hesitate to lie or pretend to go along with the abuse in order to stay as safe as possible.

Arrange a signal with a neighbor to inform them you need help or assistance.
Have a code word with friends or family members so they know to call for help.

Plan a safe time to get away
You can call the police to come while you quickly pack to leave. Plan ahead and pack a bag you keep hidden with credit cards, medications, license, and other important papers.  Have extra sets of car keys made.

Consider filing a petition for a protective order with the civil court
Contact an advocate at the Women’s Center or Anna Marie’s Alliance to assist you in filling out the petition.

Call the SCSU Public Safety Department’s escort service at 320.308.3333.

Consider filing criminal charges

It is against the law to physically assault, harass or stalk someone.  You can report these behaviors to the local law enforcement agency.

If it occurred in St. Cloud contact:
St. Cloud Police Department 
807 Courthouse Square
St. Cloud, MN 56303
For Emergencies 911 or 320.251.1200

Consider Reporting to the campus

If the abuser is a SCSU student or employee, you can file a Title IX complaint with the Equity and Affirmative Action Office on campus to start a campus investigation. An advocate from the Women’s Center can assist you with this process.

Office for Institutional Equity & Access

Other Campus Resources

Counseling and Psychological Services
Stewart Hall 103
Free and confidential counseling to help undergraduate and graduate students address the personal, mental health, and academic issues that arise in their lives.

Public Safety
Document on-campus safety and security concerns, provide on-campus escort services, assist in making a report to law enforcement