Women's Center

Advocacy and Support

The Women’s Center assists students in learning about and accessing services both on and off campus in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Even if you’re not sure we can help, please contact us. We will assist you to the best of our abilities.

Sometimes people need help contacting a faculty or staff member or knowing where they can report a complaint or concern on campus. Often these issues are related to violence, harassment or discrimination. These crimes or experiences may affect a student’s ability to complete coursework, feel safe on campus and access the rights afforded to them by law and university policies. Other times, common female experiences, such as crisis pregnancy, problems with poor body image or eating disorders, an unhealthy relationship, or being both a parent and a student are addressed. The Women’s Center has trained advocates to provide support, information that assists the person to make informed decisions, and referrals to other services that may be helpful to the student.