Women's Center


Scholarships for Non-Traditional Female Students

Applications available through Husky Scholarships

Application deadline: March 1, 2017.

More than $15,000 in scholarships will be awarded.

The Women's Center scholarship committee will be awarding the scholarships listed below, based on the eligibility of applicants, for Fall 2017. Applications are due by March 1, 2017. Personal essays and/or letters demonstrating eligibility as defined by each donor (all eligibility qualifiers are listed in full at the Husky Scholarships website linked above) are critical to award decisions.  All scholarships listed below, unless otherwise noted, have been specified by the donor for women students.

Claude F. and Helen I. DelZoppo Scholarship
$500 (1 award)

This scholarship is available for eligible students who are at least 25 years old and are working to overcome significant personal obstacles in order to continue working toward completion of undergraduate degree. Preference is given to students from the Iron Range – including Duluth and Grand Rapids.

Elizabeth Lehman Howard Scholarship for Women
$1,500 (5 awards)

This scholarship is available for eligible students who are at least 25 years old and have a personal career goal requiring a college degree in order to help others directly, through teaching, a career in medicine, or a similar field. 

Grace McDowall Memorial Scholarship
$1,000 (1 award)

This scholarship is available for eligible students who are at least 35 years old and have evidence of community service; volunteerism or political action and work on social concerns in the past and in future plans. Undergraduate female students receive priority consideration for this scholarship, but graduate students are eligible to apply and have received awards in the past.

Marcia Summers Career Opportunity Scholarship for Single Mothers
$750 (1 award)

The purpose of this scholarship is to financially assist St. Cloud State University students who are single mothers of minor children (the applicants may be never-married, widowed or divorced with custody). Available for eligible students who have demonstrated the ability to achieve academically, as shown by attainment of sophomore standing. 

Mary Jane Young Scholarship for the Education of Women
$1,000 (4 awards)

Mary Jane believed in empowering women through education and was committed to providing opportunities for re-entry women to pursue their educational goals. This scholarship is available for eligible students who are at least 25 years of age, a U.S. citizen, and reentering college after delaying their education. 

Mary Craik Endowment Fund Scholarship
Awards to be determined

The purpose of this Fund is to provide scholarships and/or funding to support projects initiated by women to foster global social and environmental justice. This scholarship is available for eligible students who demonstrate a strong commitment to social and environmental justice or engage in projects fostering global social and environmental justice. Preference is given to women of color or women with disabilities when all other factors are equal. 

Reclaiming Life After Childhood Sexual Abuse Scholarship for Men
$250-$500 (2 awards)

Questions? Please call the Women’s Center at 320-308-4958 or e-mail: womenscenter@stcloudstate.edu.

Women's Fund Scholarship
$1,000 (1 award)

The Women’s Fund of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation is supporting scholarships for women in transition, including first generation college students, immigrants and/or non-traditional students. This scholarship is available to undergraduate women students who are in life transition (examples include but are not limited to: immigration, divorce, abuse, addiction recovery, and early pregnancy), are residents of central Minnesota, and show evidence of financial need.