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New students take the sexual assault training in Centennial Hall

Respect and Responsibility Letter Spring 2019

Respect and Responsibility Letter Spring 2019

Dear Student,

Welcome to St. Cloud State. Our university is committed to providing a safe and respectful campus environment for everyone.  But no university is perfect.  Each year at schools across the country students experience problems such as sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, discrimination and racism.  St. Cloud State is serious about addressing these issues starting with educational training right from the start. Here’s what you need to know about this 2-part required training, entitled Respect and Responsibility:

Part I, Not Anymore, educates students about preventing sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking in an on-line format. Helpful information:

  • Please take the content seriously. Last year, a total of 43% of incoming students reported they were victims of sexual assault, or relationship violence, or stalking before coming to campus (16%, 13%, and 14% respectively).
  • Learn about the power of intervening as a bystander when something isn’t right. The videos offer creative and realistic ideas.
  • Fully watch each of the videos. This will prepare you to answer the post-test questions with ease and accuracy at the required 85% or above pass rate.
  • If you are a survivor of sexual violence and would prefer to schedule an alternative individual meeting with an advocate, contact the Women’s Center at 320-308-4958 for information on this option, or email Lee LaDue at leladue@stcloudstate.edu.

 Course Instructions-Part I

 Minnesota state law requires students to complete training on sexual assault prevention within the first 10 days of classes.  You are required to complete Part One by January 24, 2019. At that time, if Part One is not completed, a hold will be placed on your registration until you complete the on-line course. Since there are many activities, classes and events to attend once you arrive on campus, you may want to complete the program before arriving.

Step 1:  Log on to the Student Success™ at:  URL https://studentsuccess.org/CODE/stcloud

Step 2: Under “First Time User,” enter the following School Access Code:  1425683

Step 3: Follow the instructions provided to complete the course.  You will be asked to enter your Student ID number. This is the 8-digit number on your Student ID card, not your Star ID. You will also be asked to enter your SCSU Huskynet e-mail address. You can only use your Huskynet e-mail address. Create a password and keep this information until you complete the course. It is best to complete the course all at one time. However, you can leave and re-enter the course as a “returning student,” should you be interrupted, using the password you created.  Most students complete the course in approximately 90 minutes. You must complete and pass the post-test by at least 85%.  Test questions will appear throughout the program, as well as at the end. 

Part II, Community Through Diversity, is an in-person, one-hour workshop focused on respect across differences, campus resources, and opportunities to get involved.

  • Students describe the workshop as educational, positive, and useful in understanding respect; 94.5% shared they would recommend the workshop to a friend.
  • Limited workshops will be offered the first weeks of the semester, but students are encouraged to complete both parts of the Respect and Responsibility program before or during Huskies1st4.
  • If you have questions about the workshop, email Respect and Responsibility respect@stcloudstate.edu or contact the Office of Student Life and Development at 320.308.3111.

 Workshop Instructions-Part II

 To confirm you are registered for a workshop:

Go to:  St. Cloud State Homepage (www.stcloudstate.edu)

Click on MyHuskynet

            Click on d-services

            My Dashboard will list RESP 100 as a spring 2019 course

 If you are not registered for a workshop:

            Click on Search for a Course

            Select RESP 100 and add a workshop that fits your schedule

            Disregard the payment information; the cost for the workshop is included in your Orientation fee


If you are a PSEO student, taking only on-line courses, or taking courses in a location other than the St. Cloud campus, you are not required to attend a workshop, but you must complete the on-line course.


Our goal is to unlock your potential so you can create a life of meaning and a path to success during and beyond your college years. Safety, equity and inclusion for all will ensure an environment that focuses on student learning and growth.  As you navigate your way around campus and the community please take advantage of all the opportunities and resources available to you.  Thank you!