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Reproductive Justice

Pro-choice and pro-life arguments are based upon whether or not abortion should be legal. They are often pitted as opposites on the political spectrum of reproductive choice regarding access to contraceptives and abortion care, though many pro-choice activists and advocates consider their stance neutral on the political spectrum as they advocate neither for or against abortion and contraceptive care, rather for a woman’s right to choose and her right to have access to informed and medically accurate information.

Reproductive Rights frameworks move beyond the politics and legality of abortion to address other aspects of reproductive choice, including: decisions about whether and when to bear children; access to low-cost and accessible health care; and access to age appropriate sex education. Reproductive Rights frameworks suggest that the rights regarding reproductive choice should broaden beyond abortion and contraception alone.

Reproductive Justice frameworks expand and reframe conversations about reproductive choice beyond the politics of abortion, contraception, and parenting to consider the ways in which social institutions and access to them affects reproductive choices and opportunity. Reproductive Justice frameworks give consideration to the intersections of identities, including race, class, gender, ability, and sexual orientation, among others, and challenge the isolation of abortion politics from other social justice issues affecting reproduction, including: access to safe and stable housing, food security, income stability/economic opportunity and other factors that are not often associated with but in reality are intimately tied to reproductive choice. Reproductive Justice frameworks provide a more inclusive framework by which to understand and address the lived experiences of diverse populations, inequality, oppression, and reproduction. For more information, visit SisterSong.


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