Women's Center


A Place to Meet

The Women's Center encourages groups, as well as individuals, to utilize our unique accommodations for meetings, programs, discussion and study.  Larger group meetings (up to 30 people) have access to kitchen facilities, conference tables, white board and media viewing options (TV/VCR/DVD) in an informal, home-like setting. We also have smaller, intimate settings for study and discussion, which include subtle lamp lighting, comfortable couches, chairs, and privacy.  The Center also is home to a private lactation/breastfeeding room that includes a hospital-grade Medela breast pump, a sink, and resource materials about breastfeeding and mothering.

Home to a variety of resources, the Women's Center is a space on campus and within the community that inspires collaborations, provides guidance and assistance, promotes equality and strives to put an end to violence and oppression. It is our hope that you find this to be a safe, comfortable, resource-full place to be, whether you visit as a group or individually.