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Image Sizes and Optimization for the Web

Optimizing graphics for the web is important. Leaving images uncompressed and in the wrong format can drastically slow down web page load times. The benefits of optimization include:

  • Image files must be .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF
  • Less storage space on the server
  • Less bandwidth is needed to process the file
  • Faster file and page loads correlate to a positive visitor experience

Images MUST BE UPLOADED into the Cascade system (_files > images folder) before linking to them or inserting them into content areas.

Header Image and Links

Can be full column width image or 2/3 width image with callout links in right 1/3 space.


  • Full size: 670px x 255px, 72 DPI
  • 2/3 size: 414px x 255px, 72 DPI

Header Image and Link Callouts >> Link Callouts >> Link

Links with small image to the right of the 2/3 image that link to an internal web page or a file within the site (pdf, doc, etc) or an external URL.


  • 57px x 57px, 72 DPI

Left Column >> Image Links and Right Column >> Link Callout (Image)

The areas to the left (can be used with both the 2 Column Page - Subsite and 3 Column Page - Subsite templates) or to the right (must use the 3 Column Page - Subsite template) of the main content area of the page can have image links.

Maximum Size:

  • 217px x 109px, 72 DPI

Faculty/Staff Template: Listing >> Group >> Person

Photos can accompany the faculty/staff name listings.


  • 100px x 100px, 72 DPI

Need help with images?

Contact the Web Team:

John Davis

Karin Duncan

Mark Monn

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