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Veterans Resource Center Peer Mentor Program (PMP)

Congratulations! You are making the first step in learning more about the VRC Peer Mentor Program. We imagine you have a few questions about the program and receiving a peer mentor so below is some information to get you started.

What is it? If you are interested in connecting one-on-one with a 2nd year or higher student veteran or military-connected student to help guide you through your academic experience, this program is a great fit for you. We pair students based on their interests, needs, and career aspirations.

How does it work? The mentee (student requesting the support) will meet with a mentor (2nd year or higher student veteran) at a minimum of once per month, in-person, online, or by phone, to discuss the mentee’s academic progress, answer questions, and discuss ways to connect with campus, organizations, employment opportunities, and other resources.

Why should I participate? Studies show when students receive additional support from their peers, their progress increases in the academic setting. Peer mentoring not only helps in academics, but it also assists in overall health. Whether it be staying connected to a student mentor for social support, touching base monthly to have your questions answered, or receiving motivational support during those challenging times of the semester – the VRC Peer Mentoring program is here for you to be successful.

Benefits to receiving a peer mentor

  • Connect with another veteran, service member, or family member attending St. Cloud State University
  • Receive guidance on questions from another student who has been in your shoes
  • Feeling conflicted? Talking with another peer can assist in coming up with real solutions to challenges faced
  • On-going social support in-person and/or over the phone
  • Best of all, it costs you nothing – just a willingness to participate in a at minimum monthly conversation

Please complete the form below and someone from the Veterans Resource Center will follow up with you to discuss further.

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