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Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) Payments

Missi Asper
SCSU Business Office
AS 123 

For current service members wanting to utilize Federal Tuition Assistance within Army IgniED, please complete the following steps in order to use FTA.  The FTA exception to policy used previously has ended and you will need to request FTA through Army IgnitED. 

  1. E-mail with your full name, student ID, name of courses you want to use FTA, and semester you intend to use federal tuition assistance.
  2. Create an account on Army Ignited.  You will need a working CAC card and username/password.
  3. Once you have created your account on Army IgnitED, choose your degree/institution.
  4. Request Tuition Assistance on Army IgnitED.

Deadline to apply: Seven (7) days prior to start of classes.

View more information on FTA.

Please remember to apply for FTA early!  You can apply up to 60 days prior to the class start date.  Applying early will result in a quicker approval and the amount may be applied to your bill prior to financial aid disbursements.  This will allow you to receive any additional aid you may be eligible to receive in a timely manner.

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