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Veterans Living Community

The Veterans Living Community is a great opportunity for military connected students who are attending St. Cloud State University. This is a partnership between Residential Life and the Veterans Resource Center to provide a living experience that fosters academic, professional, and personal success while living in Coborn Plaza Apartments.


Members of the Veterans Living Community will have the opportunity to:

  • Expand their network by interacting with other military students
  • Meet and live with returning and first-year military students
  • Receive assistance in their transition to college life
  • Develop their leadership skills by joining the Student Veterans Organization
  • Enjoy a quiet study environment
  • Support and participate in other activities, programs, and events on campus
  • Scholarship opportunities for qualified students


  • Have veteran, service member, or dependent status as defined by SCSU to provide for an inclusive community with varied life experiences
  • Complete an application for Coborn Plaza Apartments for the academic year
  • First-year students will attend a short monthly meeting with the Director of the Veterans Resource Center during their first semester


Members of the Veterans Living Community will be expected to:

  • Help plan and participate in community activities and events
  • Receive support from individuals and mentors who understand what others in the community have experienced
  • Become involved in leadership opportunities, and develop community standards that improve the Veterans Living Community for the following years


  • Living at Coborn Plaza Apartments was a great experience for me. This was the first time I have been to school since leaving the military. Living around military and other veterans make the transition out of the military very easy and smooth. CPA offers some of the nicest living conditions that you can get in St Cloud, and it beats the barracks any day!      -Andy Stoesz, SCSU student veteran
  • Starting college was an interesting and stressful time for me. Dealing with issues such as trying to find a place to live or worrying about furniture was very stressful. I’m glad, however, that I found Coborn’s Plaza Apartments. I was able to locate a furnished housing option in a great location with fantastic amenities without having to drive around or browse Craigslist. Not having to worry about finding a place to live or worry about purchasing furniture, allowed me to focus on the important things like preparing for college and making new friends!          - Thomas Del Mastro, SCSU student veteran