University College

About Navigate

St. Cloud State joined EAB's Navigate platform (formerly the Student Success Collaborative) to improve campus engagement, retention, and graduation rates by empowering faculty and staff to better support all of our students.

In particular, we recognize that we need to identify and engage at-risk students before their time to degree is significantly increased, before they can no longer afford to attend, and before they decide to leave St. Cloud State because of any situation we could have helped them resolve. Improving our communication strategies and expanding our use of predictive analytics will help ensure that students who enroll at St. Cloud State stay enrolled, make timely progress toward a degree, and graduate with a strong sense of purpose.

While each student will ultimately define what success means for him or her, we have the responsibility to do everything we can to make sure that they all have the opportunity to reach their personal, academic, and professional goals.

Finally, we want to emphasize that we have partnered closely with the Student Government Association in bringing Navigate to our campus, and students have played an integral role in the implementation process. They recognize the potential for this platform to promote our students’ success, and we take the responsibility of this partnership very seriously.


  • Increase retention
  • Improve four- and six-year graduation rates
  • Reduce overall time to degree
  • Reduce and ultimately eliminate the retention and graduation gap for students of color and students from low-income backgrounds
  • Provide targeted, timely outreach to encourage students to engage more effectively with academic advising, support services, and the campus community
  • Improve communication among campus community members to support student success
  • Streamline processes for advisors by incorporating course history, advising notes, placement test scores, registration codes, and a link to u.Achieve (DARS) from a student's profile 

Data and Predictive Analytics

  • Identifying undergraduate students at risk for not reaching their goals before problems become insurmountable, which allows us to connect students to resources they need in time to make a difference.
  • Providing data that support useful, purpose-driven conversations between students and their support network about the progress they’re making toward their degree.
  • Offering sophisticated search options that allow individual users to quickly and easily obtain actionable information about targeted groups of students that would previously have required queries from Analytics & Institutional Research (AIR).

Streamlining Workflow

  • Enabling staff to spend more time providing direct student support and faculty on teaching, mentoring, and research by simplifying administrative processes (e.g., writing reports and notes, scheduling appointments, communicating with students, and preparing for meeting with students).
  • Although Navigate is not a CRM (constituent relationship management) system, it does allow users to see communications sent from multiple departments. 
  • Through our use of Navigate we are working to reduce the number of systems needed in advising settings. Much of the information folks previously sought from ISRS is now included in the platform, including registration codes, course schedules, previous term performance, and a direct link to uAchieve that allows advisors to access degree audits (DARs). 


EAB is an educational research and consulting company that is a leader in providing colleges and universities with data analytics and communication platforms that support student success. The Navigate platform is one of their key projects. In March 2021 EAB acquired Starfish, Hobsons' student success platform that provided institutions reliable data to pinpoint areas of concern adn opportunity within courses and student populations. This addition will provide additional tools to support and encourage student success.