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Trivia 2021

Trivia At Play with KVSC’s 33-hour Trivia Weekend

The 42nd Annual Trivia Weekend presented by KVSC 88.1FM at St. Cloud State University will monopolize the nostalgic memories and gaming experiences the weekend of Feb. 12-14. Each year, different theme is selected by KVSC to pay homage to popular cultural phenomena. This year’s trivia theme is “Trivia 2021: Trivia At Play”. Trivia 2021 will test teams’ knowledge on games and toys of the past and present.

The campus radio station at St. Cloud State organizes the annual trivia marathon featuring hundreds of trivia questions quizzing teams listening live on the radio and online stream. Aside from a wealth of theme-based questions, there is a broad range of additional questions on pop culture, science, sports, visual trivia, audio trivia, history and more. A typical hour features nine questions, to be answered quickly by calling the trivia phone hotlines.

How will Trivia 2021 be different

Trivia 2021 will bring some new changes to allow a safe and fun competition in light of the pandemic. Therefore, the contest will run for 33 hours, versus the typical 50-hour competition. We’re giving teams and volunteers time to rest on the overnight and early morning hours. Also, KVSC will have live on-air hosts from various parts of the Midwest using current remote broadcast technology allowing for distant co-hosts to sound crystal clear. Finally, UTVS Television will provide live coverage of Trivia At Play at and will use a Point-Tilt-Zoom remote camera system.

Throughout the years, KVSC has relied on hundreds of volunteers to staff the trivia telephone hotlines. Last year, nearly 50 teams played in the three-day contest. With the growth of Trivia Weekend, volunteers are the engine that drives the event and makes it possible. In 2021, Trivia At Play will have a virtual interactive phone bank system with volunteers ready to take guesses! We will not have a phone bank on campus however, we will train volunteers to be part of the phone hotlines in the safety of their homes. KVSC encourages trivia enthusiasts from all over to pull together friends and family members to consider becoming a phone bank volunteer for the weekend. Visit KVSC Trivia Volunteer page for more information on volunteering.

Also new in 2021, team registration can be completed online through a new portal that also includes T-shirt, poster and question book ordering. For information on registration, visit the KVSC Trivia Team Registration page.

Trivia Weekend rules require teams to register by 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 12. The contest begins at 6 p.m. and will conclude at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 14. Teams create their team fun name, determine a team headquarters (or play in a virtual online location together) and prepare to dig into questions for Trivia 2021. It’s free for high school and area college teams to compete, and $50 for community-based teams.

The Virtual Awards Ceremony will follow the contest at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 14. on Zoom. Unfortunately, the annual post-trivia celebration will not take place at Red Carpet Nightclub. KVSC plans to party twice as hard in 2022 with the Shake a Hamster Band, a Trivia Weekend classic! The winning team receives the coveted Minnesota Masters of Trivia Traveling Trophy. The golden urn (trophy) depicts the names of the winning teams over the past 40 years.