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School of Education to be renamed as the College of Education and Learning Design

With the opening of St. Cloud State University's doors in 1869 as the “Third State Normal School” with 53 students studying to become teachers, education and professional educator preparation has been the bedrock of St. Cloud State. Over the decades, the study of education and preparation of teachers have remained as pillars of the institution.

With President Robbyn Wacker’s “It’s Time” Initiatives, we reestablished the central significance of the education professions to the mission and vision of our reimagined regional comprehensive university. To reflect this shift, we are excited to announce that the School of Education will be renamed to the College of Education and Learning Design.

“This new name is reflective of the impact that our programming has on the ecosystem of education more broadly. The Education Unit is an umbrella of research, scholarship, teaching and service that spans across the university, as well as across the Minnesota State System,” said Dean Jennifer Mueller. “Moving from a school to a college demonstrates both the centrality and reach of our work. And, given that we have alumni in nearly every school district and higher education institution in the state, we take seriously the responsibility of creating educational equity and improvement across the landscape. We must address the Minnesota Paradox where we have a highly regarded and well-respected education system, and yet some of the most significant disparities (nationally) of access, opportunity and outcome across racial and ethnic groups. Our broad reach makes us poised to take on these challenges and contribute to a better Minnesota.”

Further, Mueller looks to the future of St. Cloud State with the new name of the College of Education and Learning Design.

“In our previous history, we were the College of Education. With the change, while we build from our past legacy, we also look forward.,” Mueller said. “We will secure our role and responsibility in creating systems of education that we cannot yet imagine. This new name is aspirational as we incorporate the intentionality that must undergird our work.”

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