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Assistant Professor Emily Goenner serving as expert panelist for WalletHub

Emily Goenner
Emily Goenner 

St. Cloud State University assistant professor Emily Goenner has made regular appearances as an expert panelist on WalletHub, a website offering customized credit-improvement advice, personalized savings alerts and 24/7 wallet surveillance, making her latest appearance on the website using her expertise to discuss and review Geico Insurance.

Goenner, an assistant professor of business communications in the Marketing Department within the Herberger Business School at St. Cloud State, has degrees in English from St. Cloud State and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has been working at St. Cloud State for 23 years.

Goenner’s interest in writing, editing and reading led her to WalletHub, which asked her to contribute to posts on credit cards and now draws heavily from the sound financial advice taught to her by her father, a long-time St. Cloud State accounting professor, when providing credit card ratings. 

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