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The Bias Inside Us

‘The Bias Inside Us” exhibit coming to St. Cloud State

St. Cloud State University will host “The Bias Inside Us” Aug. 21-Sept. 19, 2021 in the Atwood Memorial Center.

“The Bias Inside Us” is a traveling exhibition developed and organized by Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services (SITES). The community engagement project will raise awareness about the science of implicit bias, the impact of this bias and what people can do about it.

Through compelling images, hands-on interactives and powerful testimonials and videos, “The Bias Inside Us” unpacks and demystifies the concept of bias. It features six sections including the Introduction, The Science of Bias, Bias in Real Life, Serious Consequences, #RetrainYourBrain and Personal Reflection. The exhibit opened its national tour at the Science Museum of Minnesota this March.

The Bias Inside Us exhibitThe exhibit is designed to engage middle school children to young adults to help them become aware of the influence of bias motivated behaviors that exist in communities and reflect on ways to promote positive social change against bias-motivated behaviors. It will serve as a centerpiece for programming at St. Cloud State that will be developed and presented by faculty and staff on and off campus.

Visitors to the exhibit will explore the foundational blocks of bias, the psychology of how it forms and how it influences behaviors both consciously and unconsciously. Interactive elements display how implicit and explicit bias show up in the world and how bias shapes systems and policies that have consequences for many people and communities.

“The Bias Inside Us” draws from the scientific research and educational work by psychologists Mahzarin R. Banaji of Harvard University and Anthony G. Greenwald, professor emeritus at the University of Washington. They defined the term “implicit bias” through their work on unconscious and conscious mental processes.

The Smithsonian Institution is committed to leading and encouraging civil dialogue on important issues facing our nation and world.

“Bias is a part of being human, said Myriam Springuel, director of SITES and Smithsonian Affiliations. “Our goal through ‘The Bias Inside Us’ is to help individuals understand and counter their implicit bias and help communities thrive through conversation and greater understanding.”

Major support for “The Bias Inside Us” is provided by the Otto Bremer Trust. Additional support provided by Acton Family Giving, anonymous donors, The Beverly Foundation, Steve and Sheri Lear, Target, the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation, Thomson Reuters, Allianz of America, Valerie E. and William A. Anders, Julie and David Burton, the Dreier Family, Lennart Ehn and Ginger Lew, Expedia, Trevor and Melissa Fetter, the Roger S. Firestone Foundation, Brenda J. Gaines, Myra Hart and Kent Hewitt, Charlie and Nancy Hogan, Dr. Christine C. Jenkins and Mr. Pierre A. France, KNOCK Inc., Sarah Lawer and Frank Guanco, Kathleen Mason, Elyse Rabinowitz and Jim Porter, Dr. Philip S. and Alice Hoolihan Randall, Gloria del C. Rodriguez, the Family of Leona Roen, and Naoma Tate. 

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The Bias Inside Us

Learn about the exhibit at the Smithsonian website for "The Bias Inside Us" where you can interact with an online exhibition.

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