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2021 Engaged Campus Award for Emerging Innovation

Around Cloud Tutors named a recipient of Minnesota Campus Compact award


Around Cloud Tutors has been named the recipient of a 2021 Engaged Campus Award for Emerging Innovation from Minnesota Campus Compact.

The 2021 Minnesota Campus Compact awards are selected annually to honor individuals and organizations whose accomplishments exemplify and celebrate the public purpose at the heart of higher education. Based on recommendations from St. Cloud State President Robbyn Wacker, two individuals and one organization were recently recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in student leadership, civic engagement leadership and community partnership.

The Engaged Campus Award for Emerging Innovation recognizes a recent project, program or initiative making unique and innovative contributions that demonstrate strong future potential, including student-led projects.

Around Cloud Tutors is an initiative of the St. Cloud United Way in partnerships with St. Cloud State, College of St. Benedict and St. John's University, St. Cloud Technical & Community College, St. Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation, Retired Senior Volunteer Program and Boys and Girls Club to provide current St. Cloud area students with the help needed to excel academically through free, digital tutoring services. 

Around Cloud Tutors received a Engaged Campus Award for Emerging Innovation based on a nomination from Beth Knutson-Kolodzne, Associate Director of St. Cloud State's Department of Campus Involvement. The below award inscription was included in the nomination: 

Around Cloud Tutors was formed with the mindset that our community is better together and that it is necessary to work collaboratively rather than in silos. Given the initiative’s structure, Around Cloud Tutors serves all K-12 students in our tri-county area, which includes 5 school districts. Around Cloud Tutors strongly believes in and supports opportunities to provide equitable access to education and learning resources to all students. In a time where students are only able to connect with their teachers online or are limited to one-on-one help in the classroom due to social distancing guidelines, Around Cloud Tutors is committed to help bridge the achievement and resource gap at a time we need it most.

Not only does this platform provide resources for students and their families, but it provides new access to volunteer opportunities for college students, retired individuals, and working professionals who are looking to get involved in their community. Given the lack of transportation that some college students and families deal with, the virtual nature of Around Cloud Tutors eliminates the stress and barriers of transportation for individuals who do not have access to a car or public transportation. Providing connections for retirees and teachers works to eliminate the social isolation so many are feeling during the pandemic. Connecting college students with students and local families provides a new way to advocate for retention of our higher education population.

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