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Unleash all that's within you

St. Cloud State's Unleash brand recognizes that though we all come from different backgrounds, have different interests and are pursuing different goals, we are united by our passion to work together so we can Unleash the potential of science, commerce, culture and society.

Unleash is built upon the idea that by harnessing the greatness within ourselves, we can live and work in a way that unleashes the greatness of tomorrow. At St. Cloud State, we're on a mission to unleash ideas, to unleash imagination and purpose and promise. We're on a mission to unleash all that's within you.

Unleash amazing

We're an engine of opportunity that advances progress in people's lives and communities.

We foster a dynamic community that unlocks personal potential and prepares each student for success in today's world.

Each person deserves to see what they're capable of and fulfill their potential for the betterment of self and society.

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