Transfer Admissions

Painting class at St. Cloud State University

Transfer Pathways

transferpathways-stacked.pngWith multiple options and opportunities, St. Cloud State University partners with two-year colleges throughout Minnesota State to help students save time and money toward their 4-year degree. 

Through a Transfer Pathway program, students can seamlessly transfer to St. Cloud State to earn a bachelor’s degree after receiving an associate’s degree at one of our partner institutions. The Transfer Pathway provides an easy way to make the transition without losing credits or having to take extra courses.

Transfer Pathways

St. Cloud State has a broad program portfolio, many Pathways align with multiple programs. View the 26 Pathways below to find the 37 program options available at St. Cloud State, and the requirements to make your transition seamless.


Develop the data and analytical skills needed for a career in public accounting, industry, government, education and not-for-profit organizations.


Cultivate your creativity and develop marketable skills in 2-D, 3-D and integrated media.


The study of life, from the simplest cells to the most complex ecosystems.


Move into the following bachelor’s programs with the Business Transfer Pathway:

The Business Transfer Pathway is also excellent preparation for the following bachelor’s programs, although degree completion may be more than 60 additional credits.


Learn to think creatively, analyze data, and understand human interaction with the material world from multiple perspectives.

Communication Arts and Literature Education

Designed to provide broad knowledge of literacy and communication.

Communication Studies

Study methods and techniques for producing effective communication locally, nationally and internationally.

Computer Science

Study systematic approaches for the design and development of application systems that support the functioning of core industries and services.

Criminal Justice

Understand justice processes from classic criminology to contemporary controversies in criminal law.

Early Childhood Education

Motivate and challenge students, and prepare them for personal and educational success.


Essential for all careers in management and to becoming a well-informed citizen and participant in society.

Elementary Education

A program to prepare diverse, reflective, and resilient teachers to teach urban youth.


Gain and share an appreciation of great works in this popular and useful major.

Exercise Science

We will prepare you with the skills needed to think critically about human movement and the way you offer diagnostic and rehabilitative services.


Not only is history a story, it is a skill set that prepares you for work in business, government, education and the arts.

Law Enforcement

Develop the knowledge, perspective and skills necessary for successful law enforcement careers, with both academic and hands-on skills course work.

Management Information Systems

Prepare for a career in high-demand IT occupations such as a business systems analyst, enterprise technology architect or application developer.

Mass Communications

Establish skills in communications that prepare you for your preferred media field such as television, print, radio, web, social and digital media, public relations or advertising. 


Offers students the quantitative and computational knowledge, and communication skills, essential for careers in industry and further study of applied mathematics.

Political Science

Combines academic study of politics with real-world political experience to understand social justice, the rule of law, and institutional power.

Pre-Social Work

Learn how to connect people who are vulnerable and marginalized to programs that provide support and help.


From community service to consulting, a degree in psychology helps prepare you for any number of careers. Psychology


Learn fundamental skills in sociological analysis and research, including hands-on experience.


Prepare to be a leader by immersing in Spanish language and culture locally and abroad as you get ready for jobs in education, health, business, industry and community safety. 

Special Education

Learn to identify and teach students who have a range of learning, emotional and physical disabilities. 


Gain an understanding and appreciation for acting, directing and playwriting.