Transfer Admissions

Minnesota Transfer Agreement

Minnesota has an array of public higher educational institutions, including technical colleges, community colleges and state universities. The people of Minnesota and the Legislature expect these institutions to operate in full partnership. Responsibility for making student transfers between institutions simple and efficient rests with the systems of higher education.

Statement of Agreement

St. Cloud State complies with the Minnesota General Education Transfer Agreement. Accordingly, St. Cloud State:

  • Accepts the responsibility of making the transfer of credits from one institution to another a simpler, more predictable process for students.
  • Believes accountability for making this process work rests with the institutions and the higher education systems.

We agree to discharge this responsibility for transfer through a well-designed network of further agreements and relationships that honor the following principles:

  • All students, transfer and non-transfer, will receive comparable treatment.
  • We will continue efforts to improve student's access to information about transfer.

For their part, students will be expected to plan for transfer using the information and assistance available at all institutions. Institutions authorized by legislative mission and accreditation to offer general education and their faculty will develop coherent, educationally sound curriculum that meet the general education goals and objectives accepted by all systems.

Success of transferring students will be evaluated through collection analysis of performance data and faculty and administrators will have opportunities for communication across systems.

Standards of quality for general education will be insured.

St. Cloud State is implementing these initiatives:

Articulation Agreements

St. Cloud State has articulation agreements with two-year colleges in Minnesota and elsewhere.

These agreements provide for transition from two-year college programs into bachelor's degree programs at St. Cloud State.