It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy at creative expression and knowledge.

~ Albert Einstein

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School of Education

Prospective and Current Students


Welcome, prospective and current SCSU students! Whether you are considering the field of teaching or have declared an education major, you will be able to receive support in your undergraduate years and into your first three years of teaching. We believe that you will not find another higher education institution that begins support for teacher education graduates in their pre-service program and extends that commitment throughout the critical first three years of teaching-for a total of seven years of support.
 At the pre-service level, you will have opportunities to take part in “ed talks”, which is a professional learning series for undergraduate and graduate education majors and students interested in teaching to come together with faculty, staff, and P-12 teachers to network, collaborate, and explore various educational topics. These sessions will provide you opportunities to:


·         Engage in continuous improvement
·         Build teacher leadership skills and your professional identity
·         Establish a professional network and a sense of belonging in the teacher education unit


Once you gain employment, support for new teachers happens through robust, comprehensive induction programs. Teacher induction refers to a wide-ranging program that is built around essential components that include professional development, opportunities to build leadership skills, instructional coaching, etc. Induction programming is designed to improve the instructional practice of novice teachers, helping them successfully transition seamlessly from a teacher preparation program into the first years of his or her own classroom. For more information on induction, or teacher support, visit: Teacher Support
It is our goal that you find employment in a school district that offers comprehensive support for 1st-3rd year teachers. To compliment the support you receive in your school district, SCSU offers opportunities for new teachers to network with one another, engage in professional development throughout the year, and access online resources.
Following are opportunities for support in your future teaching position:
1.    The Ignite Center offers 5 New Teacher Workshops to recent SCSU Teacher Education Graduates and area new teachers. Graduates may attend at no cost and have a choice of in-person participation or joining online or synchronously. Dates for the 2016-17 academic year are:
·         Tuesday, August 2-all day
·         Tuesday, October 4-evening
·         Tuesday, December 6-evening
·         Wednesday, February 15-evening
·         Wednesday, April 12-evening
Look for email invitations from Beth Mann (bjmann@stcloudstate.edu) after you graduate!
For more information on each workshop,go to New Teacher Workshops
2.    The Ignite Center is in the process of building a comprehensive teacher resource site. In the meantime, you can access the following resources:
·         New Teacher Workshop Resources: Resources
·         Animoto Videos, which are created each month for new teachers: Animoto Videos
·         New Teacher Survival Kit: New Teacher Survival Kit
·         Toolkit for New Teachers: Pinterest Toolkit
3.    New teachers accelerate their teaching practice to have an impact on students when they engage in structured and intentional instructional coaching. Many of our partner school districts have instructional coaching for new teachers available for the first (and through the second) year of teaching. The Ignite Center has developed a comprehensive and robust instructional coaching program for new teachers. We are in the process of piloting an online opportunity for SCSU teacher education graduates to engage in this program. You will find information on the content at: Instructional Coaching (please scroll down to “Instructional Coaching Induction Program Training”)


The Ignite Center team looks forward to meeting you! When new students who are interested in teacher education arrive on campus, they will be welcomed by a team member at the fall teacher education orientation. Then, when pre-service students take the Foundations of Education course, there will be an orientation to learn more about opportunities for support in teacher education. Finally, at Professional Development Day, in the final year of student teaching, information will be shared regarding what support systems are available to new teachers when they begin their teaching career. In the meantime, please email, call, or stop by the Ignite Center and chat if you are in need of resources.
Beth Mann

The Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI) will maximize teacher effectiveness and increase student achievement by transforming and strengthening teacher education through collaborative partnerships between SCSU and P-12 school districts.

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