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Inside Ignite - Co-Teaching Task Force

The Co-Teaching Task Force will identify the current state of co-teaching modules incorporation into curriculum, explore the implications of expanding current co-teaching models, and make recommendations for the timeline for expanding the co-teaching model:

  • Preparation and support of ALL SCSU teacher candidates, cooperating teachers, and University Supervisors in partnering districts to co-teach during student teaching and beyond  (Four Modules have been developed regarding co-teaching and these will be incorporated into courses within each licensure program starting in fall 2010.)
  • Methods courses co-taught by P-12 and university faculty on-site 
  • Content and education courses co-taught with P-12 faculty at SCSU and/or in the P-12 classroom
  • Implications of co-teaching on professional development for faculty and P-12
  • Financial and policy implications of co-teaching
  • Assessment measures for evaluating the various co-teaching models
  • Consider co-teaching collaboration with teaching specialists, i.e. ELL, SPED, Library Media


(1) Facilitator Nancy Bacharach


Co-teaching Specialist

Teresa Washut Heck


P-12 District Administrator

Eric Skanson


P-12 Liaison

Beth Mann


Office of Clinical Experiences Representative

Fran Umerski


Diverse Learner Representatives

  • Special Education Representative
  • P-12 English Language Learner Specialist

Janet Salk

Jill Schuldt-Martinez


P-12 Teaching Specialist



P-12 Early Childhood Teacher

Kim Larsen


Elementary Education Representative

Nancy Bacharach


5-12 Content Representative (TEAC)

Bev Kochmann


P-12 Secondary Teacher

Angela Safran

(1) EDAD Representative Frances Kayona


The Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI) will maximize teacher effectiveness and increase student achievement by transforming and strengthening teacher education through collaborative partnerships between SCSU and P-12 school districts.

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