A child miseducated is a child lost.

~John F. Kennedy

How have teachers inspired you? Bechy Brice How have teachers inspired you? Danille Lexi How have teachers inspired you? Michael Ryan How have teachers inspired you? Ben Emily How have teachers inspired you? Kelsey Lamide How have teachers inspired you? Vanessa Yazan
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How Have Teachers Inspired You - Video Library

Becky Fruchete

Becky Fruechte [0:55]
Holdingford High School

Brice Feia

Brice Feia [1:08]
Holdingford High School

Danille Fritz

Danille Fritz [0:47]
Sartell - St. Stephen High School

Lexi Mehr

Lexi Mehr [0:46]
ROCORI High School

Michael McNaughton

Michael McNaughton [1:32]
Monticello High School

Ryan Stoos

Ryan Stoos [0:35]
ROCORI High School

Ben Marolf

Ben Marolf [1:26]
Sauk Rapids/Rice High School

Emily Ackerman

Emily Ackerman [1:40]
Sauk Rapids/Rice High School

Kelsey Rollag

Kelsey Rollag [1:39]
Monticello High School

Lamide Gazal

Lamide Gazal [1:19]
Technical High School

Vanessa Vosen

Vanessa Vosen [2:08]
Technical High School

Yazan Al-Kafib

Yazan Alkafib [1:25]
Sartell/St. Stephen High School

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