Department of Theatre and Film Studies

Felip Costaglioli

Raised and educated in Europe, Felip did his Masters (1989), doctoral work (1991) and post-doctoral work (1998) at the University of Toulouse, France as well as in collaboration with the University of Barcelona (Catalunya). As a scholar, Felip explores the deep and multi-faceted relationship between cinema and poetry.

Auteurship and international cinema are also a crucial component of his teaching material. Felip is also a published poet in France and Catalunya. As a performer, he actively collaborates with composers, musicians, painters, photographers, and of course, filmmakers. His work has been shown in the United States, Spain, France, and the Czech Republic.

As a teacher, Felip wants to instill in his students a passion for the aesthetics and ethics of cinema through developing a taste and ability for structural, symbolic, and multi-layered interpretation of a film.

Felip is also the curator of the annual International Film Series in the fall.

Classes Felip has taught include: film as a visual poem, spirit of childhood, Japanese cinema, international cinema, Pedro Almodovar, Wes Anderson and others, women in cinema, melodrama, emotion and excess in contemporary cinema, metacinema and writing with image and poetry.

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