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Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE)

MINNESOTA TEACHER LICENSURE EXAMINATIONS (MTLE) exam is given during testing windows each month. For information and to register for the exams, please go to the following web sites:

Minnesota Department of Education


St. Cloud State University Students can also refer to the following web site for more specific information:

St. Cloud State University School of Education MTLE website

MTLE Details

The Praxis 1 is now referred to as Basic Skills tests under the new Minnesota Teacher Licensing Exam. The exam is computer-based. All of the old Praxis 2 exams are now given new names under the MTLE program and will be offered only computer-based, with the exception of the World Languages exams.

Registration can only be done via the MTLE web site. The tests are given one week each month of the year. Students can select the date and time during that week that works the best for their schedule. For detailed information, please go to the MTLE website.

The Praxis exams still exist and are used by some states for licensing purposes. You will need to contact each state that you are seeking licensing in to see what their requirements are.

MTLE Web Site