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Technology for Teaching and Learning

Series Objective

The T4TL series will foster collaboration, communication and resource sharing about technology, pedagogy and best practices for teaching and learning.

The series will return Spring 2019. Dates to be published during Fall Convocation 2018.

Discover new technology and innovative ways to enhance learning. Whether you are just getting started or looking to reinvent your classroom with technology -- the T4TL Series has answers. 


Past Workshops


Standing: Cindy Gruwell, Mark Petzold, Kannan Sivraprakasm

Sitting: Mary Leyk, Rachel Wexelbaum, Amy Knopf

Faculty Presenters not in photo included: Matt Julius, Plamen Miltenoff, Mark Gill, Mary O’Dea, Melissa Prescott, Robin Ewing

Links to view workshop recordings will be added as we receive them.

UNLEASH the AMAZING...YOU! Institutional Repository Upload-a-Thon!

Rachel Wexelbaum and Mary O’Dea

This workshop highlighted:

  • St. Cloud State's Institutional Repository
  • How to create an account, Creative Commons license your work

Session recording (Adobe Connect)

Using Adobe Connect to Design Inclusion Into Your Teaching

Dr. Amy Hebert Knopf

This workshop highlighted inclusive designs in the online environment. Challenges students face in navigating online spaces was discussed, along with hands on examples of universal design principles that explore and apply to the D2L and Adobe Connect environments. Additionally, considerations for specific disability categories was discussed as well as tips for maximum inclusion.

Session recording (Adobe Connect) 

Engage Your Learners: Using Soft Chalk, Library Widgets, and Media Space

Cindy Gruwell, Melissa Prescott, and Mary Leyk

This workshop emphasized the following tools:

  • Soft Chalk - to create engaging content
  • Library Widgets - to help engage learners
  • Media Space - to provide effective feedback and personal touches when grading papers

Session recording (Adobe Connect)

Unleash Amazing Using Instructional Technology Tools

Dr. Mark Petzold and Dr. Kannan Sivaprakasam

This workshop focused on how you can use D2L Intelligent Agent to reach out to students and other technology tools like Respondus, LICEcap, Zoomit, and Clickers to engage students.

Wednesday session recording (Adobe Connect)

Thursday session recording (Adobe Connect)

Engage Your Learners Using Visualization Technologies

Dr. Matthew Julius, Plamen Miltenoff, and Mark Gill

These workshops highlighted the ways visualization technology can be used to engage students.

Wednesday session recording (Adobe Connect)

Thursday session recording (Adobe Connect)

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Online Discussions

Robin Ewing

This workshop highlighted:

  • Importance of discussion forums
  • Pitfalls with discussions in an online environment
  • Faculty challenges with discussions
  • Student feedback

Session Recording (Adobe Connect)