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Video of American Dreaming

CETL works with various programs, units, centers as well as individual faculty members to co-sponsor teaching and learning events and initiatives. Most of the collaborations are in St. Cloud State University’s strategic areas of community engagement, sustainability, technology and globalization. We provide matching funds, in-kind contributions, logistical support, professional development and research assistance, etc.


As part of CETL’s 2012-2013 Thematic Series: Holding the Mirror to Ourselves the SCSU Theater Program and the Players Performance Group presented American Dreaming, an original production directed by Carol Cooley and Jen Tuder. Throughout this year’s thematic series, the campus community has been encouraged to explore approaches that foster a culture of engagement in teaching and learning through the process of self-reflection. In American Dreaming, students reflect on their personal process of learning and understanding of the educational system.


CETL is pleased to announce three workshops from our Faculty Learning Communities as part of LearnTech!  

Active Learning & the Flipped Instructional Model  

Tuesday, February 19th, 10:00 am -10:45 am, Alumni Room in Atwood  

Learn how two faculty members are turning the classroom on its head by delivering instruction online outside of class so that active learning, group collaboration, instructor feedback/support and homework can be addressed during class time. Why are we doing this and what are our results?  What kinds of technologies are working for us?  

Presented by: Jeanne Anderson, Information Media faculty member and Stephanie Houdek, Math Skills Center faculty member  

Hands-On! Try Flipping!  

Tuesday, February 19th, 10:50 am -11:30 am, Alumni Room in Atwood  

See examples of the Flipped Classroom and learn by trying it out for yourself. Bring a lesson you'd like to flip. This is a hands-on workshop. If possible, bring your own laptop. A limited number will be available.

Presented by: Jeanne Anderson, Information Media faculty member and Stephanie Houdek, Math Skills Center faculty member         

Mobile Devices for Learning and Teaching: Discussion  

Thursday, February 21st, 11:00 am -12:00 pm, Cascade Room in Atwood  

The proliferation of mobile devices in our daily life brings opportunities and concerns. The possibilities of harnessing the power of mobile devices exist, yet can pose complex solutions. In our discussion, we will outline trends and factors, which can help us identify their potential use and application in the classroom. Devices, applications and trends will be discussed.  

Presented by: Plamen Miltenoff, Department of Learning Resources Services and Annette Lee, Department of Chemistry and Physics    


Please support our FLCs with your attendance at the events!

For more information on LearnTech please click here.


Announcing the Supplemental Instruction Informational Workshop!

  • Want to improve overall student success rates in your classes?
  • Looking for a different way to help your students—one that won’t eat up all of your time?
  • Wish you could channel the skills and enthusiasm of your high-achieving students?

Attend the Supplemental Instruction in Action Demonstration and Workshop!

When? Wednesday April 11, 4 p.m.

Where? Voyageurs North, Atwood Memorial Center

Presented by Nancy Mills, Stacy Martig, Stephanie Houdek with a student SI leader and student volunteers

In this workshop we will:

  • Demonstrate SI in action with current leaders and students
  • Learn how SI is different from SLA ‘s and from tutoring
  • Learn how SI supplements the teaching you do
  • Discuss how SI works
  • Learn how SI work for students and courses at all levels

For background check out University of Missouri Kansas City Supplemental Instruction Home Page

* Opportunities may include SI conferences and SI Implementation Training.  Undergraduate Education is planning to support a team of faculty who are interested in implementing Supplemental Instruction.  During the 2012-13 year, the team will learn about, train for and design Supplemental Instruction plans for implementation in the fall of 2013. 

Note:  If you cannot make it to this workshop, but you are interested in Supplemental Instruction, please contact Nancy Mills and or call 8-6071.