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Learning and the Brain: A Faculty Community

Special Workshop on Learning and the Brain!

Sustaining Students’ Classroom Attention in the Digital, Distracted Age

Facilitator: Dr. Marge Pryately, Professor, Department of Communication Studies, St. Cloud State University.

When? Monday, April 2, 2012, 8:15 am to 9:15am and again at 9:20 am to 10:20 am

Where? St. Cloud State University, Atwood Memorial Center, Cascade Room

How has neuroscience research helped us further our understanding of learning, participation, motivation, and attention? Join us, in the last of four workshops sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and funded through a 2010 Faculty Developer Travel Grant from the Office of the Chancellor, MnSCU! Students are welcome!

In this session Dr. Pryately will explain how instructional strategies which are compatible with neuroscience often are the most effective. Using the work of neurologist, Judy Willis MD, PhD, participants will learn how curiosity and prediction can be used to increase student attention, participation and memory. Finally, Dr. Pryately will demonstrate how the computer game model can be applied to the classroom to boost student learning.

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Dr. Wendy Bjorklund, Communication Studies

Dr. Marlene DeVoe, Psychology

Dr. Kathy Johnson, Special Education

Dr. Marge Pyrately, Communication Studies

Dr. Lalita Subrahmanyan, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Dr. Luz Triana-Echevarria, Spanish


In this unique project, a multidisciplinary group of six faculty members from St. Cloud State University will attend the "iGeneration: How the Digital Age is Altering Brains, Learning and Teaching" conference in February 2011. They will work together as a community in collaboration with Minnesota State Community and Technical College at Fergus Falls Physics faculty member and her colleagues to provide a series of faculty development workshops for various stakeholders as well as demonstrate and reflect upon the impact of their experience on their teaching and learning.



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