Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Service Learning

The FLC on Service Learning would combine various aspects of three main focus areas: student learning, impact on community partner/s, and/or faculty. The group would conduct research and assessment on one or more of several topics in each of those areas such as: what is the impact of the service on students’ personal or interpersonal development, how does the experience impact the stakeholders in the community, how is faculty learning affected, etc. Any or all of the topics easily lend themselves to multi-disciplinary and integrative teaching and learning. The contribution of research by the FLC would complement the work of the 2011-2012 FLC on service learning and benefit all university community engagement initiatives.



Isolde Meuller, Foreign Languages

Meeting Times:



Ann Finan, Sociology/ Anthropology

Julie Ernstein, Sociology/ Anthropology

Rick Duque, Sociology/ Anthropology

Rona Karasik, Gerontology

Teri Estrem, CSD

Christine Metzo, First Year and Transitions