Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

FLC's 2012-2013


LGBTQ Issues

Currently there are SCSU faculty and instructional staff engaged in research in and teaching on LGBTQ populations and issues.  These professionals do not have a department, program, or community where they can network and discuss potential collaborative research projects or curriculum development.  The purpose of this FLC would be to bring those experienced professionals together, as well as those new to teaching and learning about LGBTIQ populations and issues.


Rachel Wexelbaum, LRS

Meeting Times:

(Fall 2012) Mondays, 4:30- 6:30, MC 310


Gael Fonken, English-TESL (Graduate Student)

John Hoover, SOEd.

Brandon Johnson, LGBT Resource Center


Service Learning

The FLC on Service Learning would combine various aspects of three main focus areas: student learning, impact on community partner/s, and/or faculty.  The group would conduct research and assessment on one or more of several topics in each of those areas such as: what is the impact of the service on students’ personal or interpersonal development, how does the experience impact the stakeholders in the community, how is faculty learning affected, etc.  Any or all of the topics easily lend themselves to multi-disciplinary and integrative teaching and learning.  The contribution of research by the FLC would complement the work of the 2011-2012 FLC on service learning and benefit all university community engagement initiatives. 


Isolde Meuller, Foreign Languages

Meeting Times

(Fall) Tuesdays, 5:00-7:00, MC 310


Joyce Simones, Nursing

Ann Finan, Sociology/ Anthropology

Julie Ernstein, Sociology/ Anthropology

Rick Duque, Sociology/ Anthropology

Jerry Sparby, TDEV

Rona Karasik, Gerontology

Teri Estrem, CSD

Christine Metzo, First Year and Transitions


Storytelling in Teaching

The purpose of the FLC is

  • to explore the role of story-telling in teaching

  • to explore how story telling increases critical thinking skills

  • to explore how technology intersects with creative uses of story telling


Isolde Mueller, Foreign Languages

Meeting Times

(Fall) Wednesdays, 5:00-7:00, MC 310


Jeff Mullins, History

Garth Harris, Marketing

Marcelyn Smale, Music

Gregory Phillips, Academic Learning Center

Geoffrey Tabakin, Academic Learning Center


BYOD: Using Students' Mobile Devices in the Classroom

Mobile technology reshapes the way faculty and students learn, teach, interact, and live. This FLC will explore how we as faculty can utilize mobile devices brought to the classroom, such as smart phones, tablets (e.g.iPADs), laptops, etc. Faculty from different disciplines will explore the variety of mobile devices their students bring to the classroom, brainstorm among each other ways to harness these devices to increase the learning, then create at least one learning experience within the curriculum that utilizes the strategy recently coined “BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device)”.


Plamen Miltenoff, LRS

Meeting Times

(Fall, 2012) Thursdays, 4:00- 6:00, MC 310


Ruth Robinson Parsons, Chemistry

Annette Lee, Chemistry and Physics

Joanne Larson, Teacher Development

Timothy Baker, CCP

Christopher Stanley, Information Technology Services

BYOD presented their research at the Lilly Conference, Spring 2013


Contemplative Practices

 The purpose of this FLC would be to investigate various contemplative practices (CP) and explore implementation methods into teaching, learning, and pedagogy.

For more details and examples of contemplative practices, please visit the website:


Patricia Hauslein, Biological Science

Meeting Times

(Fall) Tuesdays, 4:15- 6:15, MC 114/115


Subba Moorthy, Management

Jane Minnema, Child and Family Studies

Mary Pfohl, Social Work

Niloufer Merchant, Counseling and Community Psychology

Steve Hoover, CCP


Flipping the Classroom

In “flipped classes” students use technology at home to watch online video lectures, demonstrations, and explanations of assignments. Class time is spent doing what is traditionally called “homework." The teacher in a flipped classroom is a learning facilitator, able to work one-to-one with students, clarify assignments, and offer help as needed. Classmates can work together on in-class assignments, engage in discussions, or collaborate on projects. A major benefit is that teachers spend more time working directly with students instead of lecturing to them. The downside is the need for access to technology and the student’s own motivation to watch the videos. A good article on what a flipped classroom is, and what it is not, is on


Jeanne Anderson, Information Media, and Susan Sutton, Information Media

Meeting Times

(Fall) Wednesdays, 4:00-6:00, EB A124


Jean Hoff, Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences

Stephanie Houdek, Academic Learning Center

Kristen Carlson, Information Technology Services


Anti- Racist Pedagogy

The participants in this FLC are faculty who organize and/or have participated in the Anti-Racist Pedagogy workshop sponsored by CARE and the Multicultural Resource Center.


Kyoko Kishimoto, Department of Ethnic and Women's Studies

Meeting Times

(Fall) Thursdays, 12:30- 2:30, MC 310


Betsy Glade, History

Darlene St. Clair, MRC

Melissa Prescott, LRS

Debra Leigh, CARE Initiative

Giovanni Antunez, Kinesiology, Health, and Physical Education

Mary Clifford, Criminal Justice


Using Multidisciplinary Applications in Calculus Teaching

This FLC is meant to provide an environment for faculty members who teach calculus to collaborate with faculty members in disciplines that require it.  The objectives are

  • to develop or discover problems, projects, and other course materials that pique students’ curiosity about the use of calculus in their own and other disciplines and encourage deeper understanding of the course concepts; and,

  • to promote interdisciplinary cooperation in the adaptation of these materials and in the consideration of instructional strategies for calculus courses.


Steve Walk, Mathematics and Statistics

Meeting Times

(Fall) Mondays, 4:30-6:30, MC 114/115


Danrun Huang, Mathematics and Statistics

Peiyi Zhao, Mathematics and Statistics

John Zengqiang Liu, Chemistry and Physics

Lakshmaiah Sreerama, Chemistry

Sonja Goerdt, Mathematics and Statistics

Aiping Yao, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Juan Fedele, Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences

Patricia Hughes, Economics




BYOD at Lilly Conference

Spring of 2013: Our BYOD Faculty Learning Community became SCSU's 2nd FLC to present at the Lilly Conference in Bethesda, MD

Lilly Conferences