Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Using Multidisciplinary Applications in Calculus Teaching

This FLC is meant to provide an environment for faculty members who teach calculus to collaborate with faculty members in disciplines that require it.  The objectives are

  • to develop or discover problems, projects, and other course materials that pique students’ curiosity about the use of calculus in their own and other disciplines and encourage deeper understanding of the course concepts; and,

  • to promote interdisciplinary cooperation in the adaptation of these materials and in the consideration of instructional strategies for calculus courses.

Facilitator: Steve Walk, Mathematics and Statistics

Meeting Times (Fall) Mondays, 4:30-6:30, MC 114/115


Danrun Huang, Mathematics and Statistics

Peiyi Zhao, Mathematics and Statistics

John Zengqiang Liu, Chemistry and Physics

Lakshmaiah Sreerama, Chemistry

Sonja Goerdt, Mathematics and Statistics

Aiping Yao, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Juan Fedele, Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences

Patricia Hughes, Economics