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Flipping the Classroom

In “flipped classes” students use technology at home to watch online video lectures, demonstrations, and explanations of assignments. Class time is spent doing what is traditionally called “homework." The teacher in a flipped classroom is a learning facilitator, able to work one-to-one with students, clarify assignments, and offer help as needed. Classmates can work together on in-class assignments, engage in discussions, or collaborate on projects. A major benefit is that teachers spend more time working directly with students instead of lecturing to them. The downside is the need for access to technology and the student’s own motivation to watch the videos. A good article on what a flipped classroom is, and what it is not, is on

Facilitators: Jeanne Anderson, Information Media, and Susan Sutton, Information Media

Meeting Times (Fall) Wednesdays, 4:00-6:00, EB A124


Jean Hoff, Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences

Stephanie Houdek, Academic Learning Center

Kristen Carlson, Information Technology Services