Teacher Licensure

Pedagogy Tests

Candidates seeking initial licensure must take one of the three tests of professional knowledge, aligned to the grade level for which they are seeking licensure:

K-12 majors should choose the pedagogy test that best suits their interests and career plans (either Elementary or Secondary, both are not required).

Test Content

The content covered by each test is outlined on the official MTLE website. Pedagogy tests cover:

Subtest 1:

  • Student/Child Development and Learning
  • Learning Environment

Subtest 2:

  • Instruction and Assessment
  • Professional Roles and Responsibilities


Each Pedagogy Test consists of two subtests, with approximately 50 multiple choice questions per subtest. Tests are computer-based.


One hour is allowed per subtest.

Passing Score

Candidates must receive a score of 240 or higher to pass each subtest and must pass both subtests to qualify for a Minnesota teaching license.


Cost is $53.50 per subtest for a total of $107.00 for two subtests.


Candidates complete registration online through the official MTLE website: www.mtle.nesinc.com. Those using the site for the first time will need to create an account before being allowed to register.

Candidates may take one or both subtests in one test appointment. Those who wish to take subtests at separate times and/or on different days should put each subtest in their cart and pay for each (check out) separately.

Tests are offered year-round at multiple testing locations throughout the state. Tests are offered at the Atwood Testing Center on the campus of St. Cloud State University.

Score Reports

  • An official score report will be emailed from Pearson to candidates, provided this service is requested at the time of exam registration.
  • A score reporting schedule is available on the MTLE website. Score reports will be available online through the MTLE website for 2 years (Tests taken prior to August 30, 2016 were only available for 45 days). Testing history for all tests taken, reported as pass/fail status, is always available through individual candidate accounts on the MTLE website. After the 2-year period, it is possible to request a copy of a score report for a fee through the MTLE website.
  • Scores will also be sent to any institution designated as a score recipient at the time of registration as well as the Minnesota Board of Teaching. Scores received by St. Cloud State University will appear on a candidate’s DARS report, which can be found through e-Services.
  • Candidates are advised to keep a copy of their score report for their own records. Candidates should consider forwarding the email they receive from Pearson to a non-St. Cloud State e-mail address so that it will be accessible after graduation.


Candidates who do not pass one or more subtests will have to retake just the portion that they did not pass. If you wish to retake a subtest, you must complete the registration process again. Please note that you must wait a minimum of 30 days before retaking the subtest.

Candidates who have failed a subtest two or more times may be eligible for a fee voucher for subsequent attempts. Candidates will receive their voucher via email within two to four weeks of the score report date.

Alternative Testing Arrangements

In general, test sessions have been designed to allow sufficient time to complete the test.

Individuals with a documented disability and/or students for whom English is not their primary language may submit a request for alternative testing arrangements. In order to request alternative testing arrangements, a student must:

  1. Register for the test. Be sure to declare your intent to request alternative testing arrangements during registration.
  2. Submit your completed Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form and supporting documentation.
  3. Check your email for your notification of resolution (usually between 1–3 weeks after your completed request is received).
  4. Call the phone number provided in your notification to schedule your test appointment with any approved alternative testing arrangements.

An Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form must be submitted each time you register.

Pearson will keep supporting documentation on file for one year. Documentation that is dated within the past 5 years will be accepted.

Please see the Requesting Alternative Testing Arrangements section of MTLE website for additional information on this process.

Students for whom English is not a primary language should speak with Dr. Choonkyong Kim, Professor in the English Department at SCSU. Her contact information is in the MTLE Center.