Teacher Licensure

Initial License Application Process

The process below pertains to first time teaching license applicants. If you hold a current license, substitute license included, please see the process to add an Additional License

Official MTLE Scores should be reported and released before beginning the process below. MTLE scores and release dates can be found here: MTLE Score Reporting

Step 1: Create an application via the Online Application: https://public.education.mn.gov/CELApplication/ 

Follow the prompts selecting the application tier and type that is applicable to you:

  • If you have not passed all of the required MTLE Pedagogy and Content exams you must have a job offer from a school district who will apply jointly with you for a Tier 2 license.
  • If you have passed all required MTLE Pedagogy and Content tests you may apply for a Tier 3 license.

Step 2: Once your application and payment have been submitted online, you will be issued a "checklist" of additional items to submit via mail to PELSB

  • Completed & signed Fingerprint Card (If this is your first licensure)- Do not bend.
  • Verification of Completion of a Preparation Program (downloadable PDF will link will display) 
  • District Documentation (if applicable)
  • Official SCSU Transcript

Step 3: Request official SCSU transcript be sent to you: https://www.stcloudstate.edu/srfs/transcripts/default.aspx

It is important that this document remain sealed. Please do not open as opened transcripts will no longer be considered official.

Step 4: Select the PDF download of the verification form and email the PDF to registrar@stcloudstate.edu 

Please use "Teacher Verification" as your subject, then include what license you are for and your student ID (StarID works as well) in the main portion of the email. Once the Certifying Official is able to review your courses, student teaching information, and MTLE scores, they will reply with the completed document.

If you have not attempted all sections of the MTLE and are applying for a Tier 2 license, please skip Step 4 and continue to Step 5.

Step 5: Once all additional documents have been completed and returned to you, secure items with a paper clip in the order they appear on your checklist, place in a flat manila envelope, and mail to:

Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board
1021 Bandana Blvd. E Suite 222
St. Paul, MN 55108-5111

Step 6: PELSB will process your application and send you an email with license updates. Make sure your email address is correct on your application. It is highly recommended to refrain from using St. Cloud State email address as this email account will be deactivated six months after you graduate. PELSB processing times vary, but they estimate 30 days once a background check has been completed.

If you have questions, please contact Records and Registration at 320-308-2111 or registrar@stcloudstate.edu and ask to speak with someone about Teacher Licensure. 

Updated: 3/2021