Summer Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register for Summer Sessions courses?

A: View instructions in the Online Registration Guide.

Q: As an admitted student, do I need to apply for Summer Sessions?

A: No, admitted students enroll using the same Online Registration System they use for spring and fall registration.

Q: I am attending St. Cloud State to take classes for credit, but do not plan to earn a St. Cloud State degree. How do I enroll?

A: Enroll as a special student by filling out the special student form. View instructions for special-student registration.

Q: The course I want to take says “permission required.” How do I get permission?

A: You must get permission from the instructor of the course. Many departments require that you fill out an override form, available in that department’s office.

Q: How much does it cost to attend Summer Sessions?

A: You pay by the credit, based on your classification and residency status. Tuition, billing and fee-payment information is available on the Student Registration and Financial Services website.

Q: What if I decide to drop some or all of my classes once I am enrolled in Summer Sessions?

A: Whether course instruction has begun or not, it is important to officially withdraw from Summer Sessions courses. Consult the withdrawals and refunds page for deadlines.

Q: How do I find out when and where my class will be held?

A: View the Course Schedule for schedule updates.

Q: When is the last day that I can register for a class?

A: You can register for a class until the first meeting day of that course.

Q: How do I transfer a St. Cloud State course to my home university?

A: Your home university makes the determination as to what credits will transfer back to them. We suggest inquiring with your home university before enrolling in courses at St. Cloud State.