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Information for Admitted Students

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  1. Before attempting to register, read all instructions regarding academic and procedural requirements.
  2. Undergraduates enrolled in day classes and wishing to advance register for the next term must see their academic adviser if not yet admitted to a major program. Students are expected to make an appointment to see their adviser before their earliest assigned time to register. Advisers will have the registration access code and are assigned to assist in the selection of courses, but the ultimate responsibility rests with the student.
  3. Undergraduate students with 80 or more earned semester credits must be formally admitted to an academic major program to access online registration during the advance registration period. Formal admission requirements may vary according to academic program. Check with the specific academic department for admission procedures.
  4. All financial, academic, and other holds must be cleared before attempting to add or drop classes. Since it may take up to two working days for holds to be removed, it is important that all financial obligations are paid as soon as they become due. A late payment will mean a delay in accessing online registration.
  5. Select desired classes for the term. The undergraduate catalog and your degree audit are helpful when selecting required classes for undergraduate programs.
  6. Graduate students: The graduate catalog, graduate coordinators, or the School of Graduate Studies, located in AS 121, should be consulted for graduate program requirements.


If you are:

  • An admitted undergraduate.
  • An admitted graduate student.

You may register using:


  • The registration timetable for your window to register.

Registration Troubleshooting:

  • Make sure all academic and financial holds are cleared at least three days before registering.
  • If you are an undergraduate with 80 or more credits – you must be formally admitted to a major program to register.
  • If you are an undergraduate with less than 80 credits and are NOT YET officially admitted to a major, obtain your six-digit registration access code from your adviser before you try to register.
  • Pre-business students obtain your registration access code from a pre-business adviser in the Centennial Hall, room 229.

Need help registering?

Registration questions: 320.308.2111