Summer Sessions

Summer 2020 Graduate Courses

Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from your goals. Unleash tomorrow with Summer Sessions at St. Cloud State. All courses offered online and through alternative delivery formats. Get ahead. Stay on track. Advance your professional goals.


 Summer 2020 Courses

Teacher Education

Biology Courses

BIOL 501 Import Events & Disease BIOL 541 Comparative Animal Behav BIOL 556 Biological Evolution BIOL 557 History/Phil of Biol BIOL 572 Virology BIOL 577 Adv Anatomy Human Dissect BIOL 583 Histological Techniques BIOL 652 Data Analysis & Manuscrip BIOL 690 Genomics Hgh School Teach

Center for Continuing Studies Courses

TSE 540 Driving Task Analysis TSE 550 Methods Classroom Instruc

Child & Family Studies Courses

CFS 504 Birth Order in the Family CFS 611 Foundation of EC/ECSE CFS 621 Res Methods: Child/Family

English Courses

ENGL 562 TESL Methods: Rdg/Wrtg ENGL 595 Revising Fiction Workshop ENGL 607 Research Engl Emp Designs ENGL 656 College Comp Theory/Pract ENGL 670 Vocab Acquistn Secnd Lang ENGL 673 Seminar in ESL & Culture ENGL 698 Creative Work

Environmental & Technological Studies Courses

ETS 514 Teaching CAD ETS 551 Mobile Lab Curriculum ETS 690 Comm Teaching & Curr Dvlp ETS 690 Trans/Energy Teach & Curr ETS 695 Fundamentals of WBL

History Courses

HIST 580 Teaching Amer History

Human Relations & Multicultural Education Courses

HURL 591 Change Agent Skills HURL 597 HURL for Teachers I HURL 598 Human Rel for Tchrs II

Information Media Courses

IM 522 Info Tech/Learn K-12/5-12 IM 612 Technologies in Workplace IM 621 Rdng,Lstng,Vewng Guidance

Physics & Astronomy Courses

PHYS 694 Selected Topics

Special Education Courses

SPED 503 Exceptionalities & Hum Di SPED 505 Behavior Theory/Practices SPED 511 SPED Procedural Safeguard SPED 513 Math Instr Stud Spec Need SPED 515 Asst Tech Stud Spec Needs SPED 516 Indiv Assessment in SPED SPED 518 Gen Ed Literacy Instructn SPED 519 Literacy Instr Spec Needs SPED 520 Char Intellectual/Dev Dis SPED 521 Char Students Learn/Behav SPED 531 Collab Skills/Trans Plan SPED 623 Learning Environ Autism

STEM Education Courses

STEM 542 Tch & Lrn Life,Earth,Spac

Teacher Development Courses

ED 551 Literacy in Content Areas ED 616 Rdg Dev & Lang Acquisitn ED 647 Curric:Theory/Development

Education Administration

Counseling & Psychology

Science & Engineering

Public Affairs


Social Work

Liberal Arts




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May 18 - June 25


Summer Session 2

June 29 - August 6



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