Student Handbook

Student Code of Conduct - Procedures

Conduct matters reside with the Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs or designee and are based on the nature of the alleged violations. When there are alleged violations of both the Student Code of Conduct and other policies, the alleged violations may may be addressed through one process. If utilized the Student Conduct procedures will follow these steps:

  1. A complaint or other information is received.
  2. An initial inquiry is conducted. Interim measures, including summary suspension or alteration of privileges may be imposed.
  3. A determination about which procedure will be followed is made. The Complainant and Respondent will be informed.
  4. Interviews are conducted and relevant documentation is obtained.
  5. A decision is made as to whether a violation of the Student Code of Conduct occurred. If so, educational sanctions are assigned.
  6. An appeal may be filed.

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