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Interactive Degree Audit

What is the interactive degree audit?

The Degree Audit Reporting System, is a computer program that provides progress-toward-degree reports for students. A report shows all of the requirements needed to receive a degree, and which courses are used to satisfy those requirements. The following link is a presentation about how to interpret a degree audit.

How will I obtain a degree audit?

Degree audits are available for all students enrolled in a St. Cloud State University degree program. A Web version of your degree audit report is available to view or print through login to e-Services with your StarID and password. The degree audit link is located under Academic Records. Select your major to view your degree audit.

What is a “What-if” degree audit?

This audit answers the question “What-if” I declare an additional major, change my major, or add a minor. The "What-if" degree audit will apply your completed course work and how your requirements for graduation will change.

To obtain a “What-if” degree audit

  • Login to e-Services;
  • Choose "Degree Audit" under Academic Records; and
  • After entering your StarID and password, choose "Select a Different Program."
Students can also create a free account at Transferology. A new account checklist is available below.

Transferology (Transfer Equivalencies)

The Transferology account is free and allows a student to view a “What-if” DARS audit, credit transfer equivalencies and course catalog information.

  1. Go to the Transferology web site at
  2. Select “Get Started.”
  3. Fill in the form with personal information. Only information marked with a * is mandatory and must be filled in.
  4. When finished with form select “Create an account.”
  5. Now you will receive conformation that your Transferology account has been established at St. Cloud State University. Your new Transferology user ID will be displayed.
  6. Please remember your user ID and password. Write the information in a safe place. This information will be needed each time you log in.

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