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DARS Frequently Asked Questions

What do certain symbols and notations on the DARS report mean?

NO The requirement is not complete. Look for minus signs (-) to indicate which part (s) of the requirement still need to be met.
OK The requirement is complete.
IP This is an in-progress course.
>D This course is a repeat of a course taken previously and is not repeatable for credit. DARS shows the course with credit removed.
+ This portion of your requirement is fulfilled.
- This portion of your requirement is not satisfied. Look at the "SELECT FROM:" list for courses from which to choose.
R This portion of your requirement must be fulfilled. The plus (+) or minus (-) sign next to the "R" tells you whether or not you have fulfilled it.
T This course is a transfer course.
RP Repeated course.
>X No credit.

How can the interactive degree audit help me explore other majors and show me how a change might affect my course work?

Transferology allows the student to run a “What if” audit for any undergraduate program. A “What if” audit automatically shows what and how completed course work will apply to the new major.

What should I do if there is an error on my degree audit ?

If you have a question about an item on your audit pertaining to your requirements, please contact your advisor.

What will an audit not do?

  • An audit is not a replacement for your advisor. While an audit is an advising tool, it is strongly encouraged that you plan your program in conjunction with your advisor.
  • An audit is not a way to register for courses. The audit will tell the student what is needed but it doesn’t replace the registration process.
  • An audit doesn't replace other information, such as the University catalog, program fliers, and other handouts which explain programs and their policies.

Should I still consult with my advisor?

ABSOLUTELY. It is very important for you to consult your advisor when reading your audit. Your advisor can help you interpret the audit and give you other information related to your program of study.

What should I do if I need changes made to my interactive degree audit?

You should contact your advisor who will submit the change approval to Records and Registration.

Who is my advisor?

You can use the Advisor Lookup to find out who your advisor is.

When will my new major appear on my interactive degree audit?

Your audit will automatically update when your major approval from the Academic Department is received in the Office of Records and Registration.

Some of my transfer credits are not showing on my interactive degree audit; what should I do?

First, make sure that your transcript has been sent from your previous institution(s). Depending upon the time of the semester the evaluation process could take 5-10 business days. Any changes posted to your academic record will also update on your interactive degree audit.

What if transfer courses are showing but are not being assigned to major requirements?

This is happening because the SCSU transfer equivalencies aren't specific enough to apply to your major requirements. Contact your major advisor.

Why does my audit show the wrong number of credit hours?

The audit may show a different number of total credit hours than the SCSU academic record, because the audit counts college level credits that count towards the degree, while the SCSU academic record counts credits for all courses taken even if the course is below the college level.

What do I do if the interactive degree audit is not working?

You should contact