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2022-23 Tuition Changes

Tuition changes

The Minnesota legislature recently decided to grant permission to Minnesota State College and Universities to eliminate fees for online classes. As a result, St. Cloud State University (SCSU) is eliminating the online fee for undergraduate and graduate students. Other changes to tuition include an increase of 3.5% for all students. St. Cloud State continues to offer one of the lowest rates of tuition in the Minnesota State system, while offering excellent academic programs and life-changing opportunities for the success of all students in work and in life.

Elimination of the online fee

St. Cloud State joins six of the 7 universities in the Minnesota State system of colleges and universities with the decision to cut online fees. Previously, SCSU’s online courses included an additional $50.00 per credit fee for undergraduate and $75 per credit fee for graduate students to support the delivering courses online. Many students were likely to experience unanticipated expenses as they enrolled in online courses as a preferred mode of course delivery, or the need for flexibility, and the in-person limitations of the pandemic. The per-credit fee added a significant expense for SCSU students choosing to take courses online, with some having to take classes in-person to avoid the fees. The elimination of the fee will translate to significant savings for students who take only a few online classes or all classes online. University leaders anticipate that a majority of students will benefit from this decision as the number students taking online classes as part of their portfolio continues to increase. The Student Government Association has been consulted in this decision and is supportive.

Banded tuition

The University offers a banded rate of tuition for undergraduate students. That is, students pay a flat rate of tuition for 12-18 credits. The banded tuition structure and the elimination of online fees per credit offers more ease with anticipating expenses and financial planning. The change in tuition for Fall 2022 also reflects a 3.5% undergraduate tuition increase as approved by the Minnesota State system office for the 2022-2023 academic year. By law, this adjustment is not intended to increase revenue or profits for the university.

What the changes mean for students

Spreading the cost of online classes across all students means that students who take all of their classes online will save $272.00 for 12 credits or more. If a student takes 6 credits online and 6 in person, there will be no change. Students who attend all in-person classes will pay an additional $338.00 in tuition as they take 12 or more credits. While this may be viewed as a hike in tuition, the number of students enrolled in all in-person courses is on the decline. In 2022, for example, nearly 60% of SCSU students enrolled in some form of online classes. Looking ahead, it is likely that a majority of students will see some measure of savings because they are no longer paying the online fee. 

St. Cloud State continues to remain one of the most affordable universities in Minnesota.

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Posted: July 7, 2022


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