Performances and Creative Works



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Deadline: February 15, 2017
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The presentation of your performance or creative work should be similar to the activities expected at a professional fine arts conference or festival. Consult with your faculty sponsor as to what is the most appropriate format for your presentation. Performance or creative work presentations are limited to 40 minutes including time for questions (unless otherwise arranged).

Presentation Tips

For performance or creative work presentations, one possible format is to introduce your performance with a brief (one or two minute) verbal description of what the audience will experience. It is important to remember that the audience will be interested in, but not informed about, a project that you have artistically created. The structure of your introduction should begin with an overview and/or history such as: The following demonstration of Mime is a replication of the type and style found in France during the 1870's.

Follow the introduction by highlighting what is significant or most interesting about your performance or creative work. After the presentation is completed, allow a few moments for questions.