Participation Guidelines

Help Sessions

No registration is required.

Please note: Based on the number of participants and time constraints, there will be limited availability for feedback regarding individual projects. If additional assistance is needed, the staff at the Write Place are an excellent resource to use for reviewing any of your written work. Students are also encouraged to seek guidance from their faculty sponsor.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts provide a brief summary of your project (between 100-300 words). They should be concise, yet provide the audience with enough details for it to be informative and intriguing. Proper writing of your abstract is very important! In this help session students will receive information on best-practice tips, and suggestions for what to avoid, when writing your abstract.

Click here for more detailed information on writing an abstract.


  • TBD

Presenting a Paper/Oral Presentation

Students will learn about the paper presentation format including discussion of the criteria for evaluating the presentation for the paper competition.

  • TBD

Presenting a Poster

Students will learn about the poster presentation format and there will be a discussion of the criteria for evaluating posters for the poster competition.

  • TBD

Practice Presentation

Students will have the opportunity to present their poster to other students and members of the committee. We will have 10 easels for posters to be set up on at a time. Each set of presenters will have 10-15 minutes to share their work.

  • TBD