Participation Guidelines

Student Research Colloquium

"I've put together six panel sessions for students in my seminars and they have been a huge success in developing presentation and discussion skills, not to mention curriculum vitaes (CVs). The Student Research Colloquium is one of the best organized events at St. Cloud State University where students and faculty can engage academically. I would strongly encourage all faculty to find ways for their students to participate in the conference and paper/poster competitions." Stephen Philion, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Paper Presentations

  • 15-20 min. oral presentation (incl. time for questions)
  • May include panel discussion
  • If not participating in the competition, no formal paper needed
  • Guidelines

Poster Presentations

Performances/Creative Works

  • Similar to activities at a professional fine arts conference or festival
  • Limited to 40 min. (incl. time for discussion)
  • Guidelines


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