Student Research Colloquium

FY - 2013 Student Research

Round 1

Student Name

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Allan, Lea; Phung, Huong; Lamsal, Vivek Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje MLS, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology Does exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POP) affect the function of T-cells? $830.00
Anderson, Ben; Nordby, Aaron; Ulrich, Keith Mark Petzold Electrical & Computer Engineering Automated Floor Scanning Autonomous Robot $250.00
Bennett, Adam Gareth John Geography & Planning Is the Internet a Place? $371.00
Carpenter, Mary Theresa Estrem & Rebecca Crowell Communication Sciences & Disorders (Central) Auditory Processing in Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum $250.00
Collette, Ashlee; Stumvoll, Tanner; Bajracharya, Arbindra Ling Hou Electrical & Computer Engineering Smartphone Controlled Omni-directional Tri-wheel Robot (SCOTR) $250.00
Duerkop, Peter William Cook Ecology & Natural Resources Using Prescribed Fire as a tool for Oak Savanna Restoration: Quantifying Influential Aspects of Fire Regime $600.00
Eisenschenk, Glen Christopher Kvaal Biology Cloning Histidine Biosynthetic Genes in an Extremophile $520.00
Feifarek, David Heiko Schoenfuss Biomedical Science The Role of Temperature and Feeding in Alerting the Effects of Estrone Exposure in Mature Male Fathead Minnows $1,259.00
Fettig, Samantha Latha Ramakrishnan Biomedical Science Mechanisms of Chemoconvulsant - Induced Planarian Seizure-like Activity Measurement of GABA and Glutamate Levels using HPLC $1,200.00
Gong, Hwee Kiat Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje Biology Does DDE induce generation of regulatory T (Treg) cells in NOD mouse model of type 1 diabetes? $510.00
Holman, Whitney Rebecca Crowell & Amy Gilbertson Communication Sciences & Disorders Counseling Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum Using Narrative Therapy $250.00
Khan, Adib; Maharjan, Kuldip; Shrestha, Gamir Aiping Yao Electrical & Computer Engineering Smart Mug $579.76
Klasen, Scott Kannan Sivaprakasam Chemistry & Physics PH Dependent swelling of poly (N-isopropyl acrylamide-co-arcrylic acid) hydrogel composites $300.00
Kramer, Richard Christopher Kvaal Biology Induction of S. Aureus p68 phrase holin expression in E coli $414.40
Malone, Kayla Jorge Arriagada Biology Applying Succession Theory to Invasive-Dominated Prairie Areas $250.00
Olson, Marin Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje Biology Effect of p,p'-DDE treatment on immune responses on NOD mice during development of type 1 diabetes $1,035.00
Rearick, Daniel; Azo, Loris Heiko Schoenfuss Biological Sciences Understanding escape performance: Linking genes to ecosystems $895.20
Rhodes, Mark Gareth John Geography & Planning Tracing Scottish migration to Minnesota Religious, Cultural and Social Landscapes 1840-1930 $83.07
Rhodes, Mark Gareth John Geography & Planning Tracing Scottish migration to Minnesota Religious, Cultural and Social Landscapes 1840-1930 $371.00
Rother, Elizabeth Rodney Kubesh Meteorology The Effects of Riming & Aggregation on Snowflake Fall velocities


Schulzetenberg, Aaron; Harter, Joseph Russell Lidberg Chemistry & Physics Lateral Field Time of Flight Analysis of Polyacene Single Crystals $170.00
Scott, Andrew; Hansen, Sarah; Prigge, Christopher Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje Biomedical Science Characterization of leukocytes involved in pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes in NOD mice exposed to DDE $1,125.00
Sheikh, Mohamed-Deq Lakshmaiah Sreerama Biochemistry Development and monitoring of Lignin Depolymerization by Laccase using cellulolytic $1,000.00
Tham, Jason Roya Akhavan Mass Communication Opinion Leaders in Social Networking Sites $112.00
Thinamany, Sinduja; Frempong, Nora; Ghazal, Leila Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje Biomedical Science Effect of DDE on Type 1 Diabetes Incidence in NOD Mouse model $745.00
Turkowski, Kari; Hoganson, Jessica; Geller, Karly Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje Biomedical Science Effect of DDE on insulitis development and insulin express in NOD mouse model of type 1 diabetes $710.00
Vallis, Amanda Jeffrey Torguson Geography Contact Zones of the Winnebago: Tracing cultural exchange from Wisconsin to Nebraska 1634-1865 371.00
Wang, Lulu; Kettlewell, Jason; Horn, Jacob Ratchaneekorn Thamvichai Electrical & Computer Engineering Sleep Cycle Monitoring Alarm Clock $740.00
Wickremasuriya, Boosabaduge; Tan, Chung Keong; Najmee, Taha Md Mahbub Hossain Electrical Engineering Home Automation System $915.10
Yang, Samantha Theresa Estrem Communication Sciences & Disorders Comparing the Preschool Language scale -4 and -5 $250.00




Round 2

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Faculty Sponsor




Travis Baumann Heiko Schoenfuss Biological Sciences Physiological responses to selective pressures: Red and White muscle fiber contributions to climbing in Hawaiian freshwater fishes



Katie Carlson, Ronni Peterson and Alyssa Roberts Sarah Smits-Bandstra Communication Sciences & Disorders Teaching Easy Onsets Effectively for Optimum Retention


Ashley Clemens Steven Ratliff Physics Analysis of radiation exposures from nuclear medicine procedures with respect to background radiation


Gregg Felber Debra Gold Cultural Resource Management Archaeology Source Analysis of Lithic Material from the Hudson-Meng site SX2115


William Heikkila Heiko Schoenfuss Biology

Do endocrine active compounds influence predator avoidance and survival during active predation? Use of fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) exposed to 17B-estradiol in a field experiment


Jack Hennes Matt Barton English Preparing for the MOOCacolypse


Steven Milkovich Glenn Street Exercise Science Comparison of Barefoot and Shod, Sub Maximal Triple Jumping


Aida Mitiku and Bereket Gebremariam Michael Glazos Electrical & Computer Engineering Air Quality Monitor


Joshua Mootz Steven Ratliff Physics Comparative Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Epidermal Radioactive Decontamination Solutions in Nuclear Medicine Contamination Scenarios


Nhan Nguyen Joseph Melcher and Giovanni Antunez Community Health What Men Do Not Know: They can Get Breast Cancer


Joseph Noyes Chris Kvaal Biology Cloning and Induction of a putative cyclin of toxoplasma gondii in E-Coli


Justin Olson Mark Muniz Cultural Resources Management Archropology

Pale environmental reconstruction of the Hudson-Meng Site, Sioux County, Nebraska, as inferred from the oxygen isotope composition of interrestrial snail shells


Wendy Rehnstrand, Erin McWilliams and Breanna Swanberg Sara Smits-Bandstra Communication Sciences & Disorders Teaching Pausing Effectively for Optimum retention


Mark Roebke and Amanda Weber John Kulas Psychology Rationale for "Neither Agreeing nor Disagreeing"; Person and Item Contributors


Jared Sandler James Robinson Education - ESL QR Quest: Smartphones Beyond the Classroom


Megan Stroh Debra Gold Sociology & Anthropology Isle Royale National Park Relict Shorelines






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